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Design and installation of irrigation networks, drinking water networks, pumping stations, filtration, water treatment, ornamental fountains, …

  • Installations of drinking water

      • Counters.
    • Desinfection equipment.
      • Filtration.
  • Construction of pools

  • Acclimatization of water.


  • Irrigation drop by drop:

    • Fruit trees, olive trees(traditional and intensive…).
    • Forestry(wood, paper, biomass, truffles,…).
    • Full coverage buried(cereals, vegetables,…).
    • Regulated deficit irrigation(RDI).
    • PRD(Partial rootozone drying).
  • Installations of irrigation by aspersion:

    • Anti-Ice.
    • Center-pivot irrigation.
    • Total field cover (horticulture, alfalfa’s…).


  • Automatization and distance control:

    • Automathic systems and programmers(by radio, GSM, monocable).
    • Sensors and measure equipment(analogic and hydraulic).
    • Feritigation (electric and hydraulic).
  • Filtration systems.

  • Water catchment and pumping:

    • Electro bombs for wells.
    • Pressing groups.
    • Electric boxes and frequency controllers.


CAT Calafell
  • Hydraulic projects.

  • Preparation of dossiers, plans design,...

    and all required for the management of cases of public aid.

  • Personal technical assessment:

    • Fertilization program.
    • Irrigation program.
    • Optimization of consumption.
  • Control and quality of water.

  • Leaks detection.

  • Repair and installation maintenance .

  • Irrigation materials supplying.